Gilles & Ouellette – 2004


Here’s a throwback to 2004 when there was a Tim Horton’s on the north east corner of Ouellette and Gilles. No drive through was the downfall of this one, the site today is an empty lot.

8 Comments on Gilles & Ouellette – 2004

  1. Lack of drive thru, plus people would stay more than two minutes. They could not move people out fast enough.

  2. There was no room for a drive thru on that property though that didn’t stop the city from allowing Tim Horton’s to create the disruptive shit-show on Kildare @ Ottawa st. That should have been denied as well!

  3. I remember when that Tim Hortons had a separate, glassed-in smoking section. Every time the door opened a cloud drifted out into the rest of the shop…

  4. Used to be a gas station on that corner. Got air for my bike tires if Neville’s on Shepherd and Ouellette didn’t have their air hose outside.

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