Begley Public School – 2003


Driving along Assumption the other day I passed the new Begley Public School. It got me to thinking about how even recently lost building can quickly be forgotten and disappear from memory. It’s easy to forget the old Begley Public School that once stood on the same site, now gone forever like so many other buildings in our city…

Have a great weekend everyone, see you back here Monday.

3 Comments on Begley Public School – 2003

  1. A nice looking old school. Too bad it is no longer around. I never liked how the original windows were replaced with much smaller new ones and the remaining openings bricked over. Ruins the look of the building. Couldn’t they just replace with modern full-size windows? All that natural light would make for nice classrooms as intended.

  2. I always thought the doubling of the original building and addition of that new grand entrance was done rather well. I wonder if Andrew knows roughly at what point this transpired? I’m guessing late ’20s?

  3. I went to this school from grade 5 – 8. My first principal on becoming a teacher was my grade 8 teacher at Begley, Mr. Tuck. I believe that school, Dougall Ave. was torn down, and my high school, J.C. Patterson Collegiate. What a pity.

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