Sofo’s – University Ave – 2002

Here’s a throwback on this lovely Wednesday, going back to the corner of University and Victoria, about 12 years ago. There used to be a Sofo’s Greek restaurant on site that’s today a parking lot immediately west of Phog.

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  1. Originally it was called “OLLIE’S TROLLY”, a hamburger take-out restaurant.
    One of the two “cars” as pictured in this photo was located at Wyandotte St. & Windsor Ave.

  2. I remember Ollies Trolley and it did look like a trolley car. They were well noted for their hamburgers mainly because they were heavily laced with seasoned salt.
    Does anyone remember what was there before the Trolley? Just a little before my time so I don’t have the answer for that one.

  3. In the very early 1970’s, I think there may have been an actual trolley car there that had been converted to a restaurant/diner sort of place.

  4. Ollie’s Trolley was a small chain of 3 restaurants. In addition to the 2 locations listed above, there was a third on the south side of Erie Street next to the KFC. It was located in a more permanent building with the fa├žade decorated in the same orange and red colours as the other two locations. The Erie Street location didn’t last long, maybe a year or two. Either just before, or just after, the building housed an H. Salt Fish & Chips, which were often nearby a KFC.

  5. Used to be the Provincial Bank of Canada (precursor to the National Bank) in the 60`s may have been something else before then. You can still see the stone foundation along the sidewalk.

  6. Kevin, Ollie’s Trolley wasn’t that small of a chain. If you Google it, you’ll see there were some in many US States. Windsor only had as many as 3, but it was not a local chain.

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