University & Victoria – 1972

A shot of the ground floor banking space in the Metropolitan Building from an ad that was published in 1972. A neat shot of the corner when it was occupied. The last tenant that I can remember was the HSCB bank, that has since moved to the old Krispy Kreme doughnut shop on Howard Ave at the south end of the Roundhouse Plaza.

Interesting to note that that block of Victoria has recently been converted back to two way traffic…

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  1. I definitely remember it as a Canada Trust branch…and you’re right, later it was HSBC after Canada Trust and TD Bank merged and kept the existing TD branch on the south side of University…alas, subsequently vacated as well.

  2. I was wondering why the sign said Huron & Erie, but then I read Canada Trust’s Wikipedia page and “Huron and Erie Savings and Loan Society” was Canada Trust’s original name. I remember this as an HSBC bank, and that’s it.

    Nice Pontiac peeking out of the extreme left.

  3. This building is roughly 10 floors or so right? Is any of this building occupied or is the entire thing vacant?

    I thought I remembered a rumor of condos going in there but I don’t know if anything ever materialized.

  4. The building at the corner of University was erected before 1931. If you click on the link in the article above, it shows a postcard from 1931, but there doesn’t seem to be a bank there. The ground floor facade is also much better looking, and not so slab-sided and devoid of character, as it seems to be in 1972 and still is today.

  5. That pea-stone covering is a dog’s breakfast. The facade could use some help as would awnings (why are there not more awning downtown??). Too bad because the limestone facade was very nice.

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