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From the collection of Bernie Drouilliard, sent to me by John Stefani. Here is another round of classic Windsor transportation images. Those guys have in the past, contributed a fair amout of histoical Windsor photographs. I look forward to future contibutions, and I will add the previous entries back shortly.

The good old horse drawn buggy street car or Omnibus.

This photo was taken on Sandwich St. on May 24, 1886 after the first trial run of Van Depoel’s electric streetcar.

From my personal collection, a ticket for the Streetcars pre 1920. It is signed by C.H. Hutchins, who was General Manager until May 1920 when the street car system was sold by the DUR to the Hydro Electric. At which time the Hydro Electric brought in new tickets.

The Walkerville Beltline Car. c. 1913

This one shows the first trolley bus in Canada. /It was buit by the St. Louis Car Co. and the
photo was taken May 4, 1922 at Windermere & Cataraqui Streets.

Everyone knows about the Tunnel Bus, but in 1929 the Detroit-Windsor International Coach Serivce ran back and forth acorss the Bridge.

The SW&A Terminal Yard in the late 1930’s. Both building still stand on Unversity Ave. West. The building on the left was the Street Car Barn. In this photo it has buses in it, but the road still has the rails in it. I would guess 1938-39 as a date for this photo.

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  1. I now live in Arizona but I was born and raised in Windsor and moved away in 1961 some of my family and a lot of relatives still live there. I was interested in looking at the old pictures and do remember a lot of the old tracks around the old city.


  2. Hi Richard,
    I loved your pics. As a lifelong resident there are many books and photos that I have collected but haven’t seen yours. Thanks.

  3. Hi Bob: I enjoyed seeing the old pictures. I remember seeing the streetcars and the streetcars tracks. I was downtown at the old SW&A Terminal recently and it sure is a dilipated mess compared to what it was. Thank you for the Bob Lesperance Report. I look forward to reading it. M. (McKnight) Durham

  4. The first picture rings a bell from research I did in my twenties, years ago. There was something at the Baby Museum about a horse-drawn vehicle that took people along what was Sandwich Street, from Windsor all the way to Amherstburg. The beginnings of the S.W. & A.?

  5. R. Lonnee, Waynesville, NC
    I left Canada in 1969 but not without carrying a lifetime of memories of Windsor. I attended Dougall Ave. School, and J.C.Patterson C.I., lived on Church St. at Park, and then in S. Windsor. The pictures are wonderful and reminders of great days there. Labor Day at Jackson Park, parades, the celebration of the ending of W.W.II on Ouellette Ave. I am so grateful for having grown up there. Thank you for your research and for making the pictures available.

  6. Thank You for the great old pics ! I sent them to my 87 yr. old grandmother ! brought tears to her eyes !

  7. Does anyone have pictures of the upside down ice cream cone near the bridge. My mom knew the police chief of Ojibway, Harold Brush, and we use to stay at his house nearby.

  8. I am looking for any photos of any of the members of the Ojibway (Ontario) Police Force, and of their small Police Station near the Windsor Salt Mine. Looking for a photo of Chief Harold Brush as well. Trying to compile of the History of Essex County Ontario Police Services.

    Thanks Much


  9. My wife & I were discussing the 1980’s dance/discos in Windsor….back in the day!? I informed her of a “disco” that I was @ when I was 10ish yrs old….1980’s!! Michael Jackson song playing…..Can you find out if there was a “disco” back in that timeframe…. somewhere off Tecumseh & Howard area!? Maybe I was just dreaming???? Thanking you in advance for ANY info…., DJ Leeder

  10. Are you affiliated with the St. Louis that did portraits of young children? I had my children both done by St. Louis only because he had done my brothers and I when were were around 2-6 yrs. old back in the early 50’s. My children were done in the early 70’s (son was done in 1972/3 and daughter done in 1974/75. Am looking for the man by the name of St. Louis who had a studio on Erie Road just before Draper St. in Colchester. If you know of such a person, please let me know….would like copies of portraits back when I was done in the early 50’s.
    Thank you in advance for any information that you can give me on this subject.

  11. Good afternoon

    I am writing an article about street cars in Windsor for the French community paper Le Rempart. I would need an authorization to use the picture of the Sandwich Street (second) and the on in Walkerville.

    Thank you very much

    Daniel Richar

  12. My Dearest Daniel Richard: Has it been your attempt yet to make contact with Sir Andrew Foot by the use of his Electronic Mail address? It is to be found in the Footer of the web site. You may read all about it in the Footer where it says “All the text and photos on International Metropolis.com are copyrighted, and were written/photographed by Andrew Foot unless otherwise noted. Credit is always given, when I am not the original author. All the enjoyable content you see here is ©2002-2012. All rights are reserved, by me the author, and image rights are available for most of the photos you’ll find here. E-mail me for specific information.” The Electron Mail address is for me shown being of the address andrew@archive.lostwindsor.com. May your quest be strong and the strenght of your quest be questionable my Dear Friend And Author Daniel Richard!

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